Nrc Occhiali XSERIES – New Brand Image

Skills. Brand Identity – Illustration – Shooting Photo&Video – Catalogue Art Direction

Creative team
Art Director: Morena Nerri
Photographer: Ivano Messinese
Illustrator: Morena Nerri
Brand Design: Pecorazoppa


NRC Occhiali is an Italian Company which design and realize Sport Sunglasses both for enthusiasts and for Pro Athlethes.The two founders Fabio D’Intino and Simone Mantriota gave us the opportunity to introduce the New line of Sunglasses, called XSERIES and to show the two Masterpieces, X1 and XY during The Global Show EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen – Germany.


BRANDING We started from the bases: the creation of one flexible logo in order to fit on every XSERIES models. We have focused on the Iconic X as a Sign of flag subscription, which ideally means: i am ready for the next sport challenge.

ILLUSTRATIONS Every X1 has the name of a famous ascent and Morena Nerri has illustrated every single of them mixing the real terrain pattern with the real outline silhouette of the mountains which the sunglasses models refer to.

WEBSITE AD-HOC The X-SERIES is the first line of Sport Sunglasses which has their own one-page website to explain every single design features. This website was created in 3 day and 3 night of very hard work, in order to show it during Eurobike 2015. You can see more HERE